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Labour and Welfare Bureau Public Education Project

Rehabaid’s proposal to Labour and Welfare Bureau for a public education programme on rehabilitation was successful. The name of the project was “Seeing through the path of love” with $60,844 granted. Hence, we invited different patients and PWDs to join our educational video production to share the journey of their lives and other fun facts. We hope that through these videos the public and students can understand more the points of view and needs of PWDs.

We also hope this can help boost up the participants’ confidence and bring more positivity to the society. The videos will be shared via different channels such as schools, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube,in order to promote the concept of building an inclusive society/ environment.

The following are videos produced:

“The Journey of My Life: A Polio Survivor”  (Chinese only) – Ada, who has Polio, which makes her legs weak since childhood. However, she stayed optimistic even though she needed to use a power wheelchair later on in her life. She has met different people who also use wheelchair through joining different activities in Rehabaid Centre, including the Healthy Aging Gym Rehab program. We hope that we can inspire others through her story.

“The Journey of My Life: A Primary School Student Recovering From a Stroke”  (Chinese only) – Although Hayley is young, she has a big message to share: NEVER GIVE UP! In this video, both Hayley and her younger sister shared how her family supported her throughout her recovery process from her stroke due to a congenital condition. The path of her recovery involved a lot of hard work on her part and she attended our centre for physiotherapy, so great improvement was witnessed by us. It was very encouraging to watch her progress

“What’s in Your Backpack? (I) & (II)” – We invited 3 wheelchair users to share the items they carry with them in their backpacks on a daily basis. We found out they carry special things like tools to fix wheelchair, gigantic shopping bags, and personal items. Through this video the public can have better understandings of the needs of wheelchair users.

 “Quick Q&A” – In this video 3 PWDs were invited to answer questions to share their feelings and opinions. Their answers reflected how they see the world through their life experience. It also helped us to understand their concerns due to limited mobility.

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