Clinical Services

Rehabaid Society operates Rehabaid Centre in Hung Hom and Rotary Rehabaid Centre for Children in Sandy Bay. Both centers offer one- to- one, tailor made physiotherapy, occupational therapy, environmental advisory, speech therapy and traditional Chinese medicine services for all people.

We provide one-stop services for adults, senior citizens, people with disabilities and special needs of all ages, as well as their families; service scope includes functional assessments, centre and home-based training, and support services for carers, aiming to enhance recovery progress and minimize complications through early interventions.


Our interdisciplinary team comprises of physiotherapist, occupational therapist, architects, speech therapists, Chinese medicine practitioner and etc. The interdisciplinary team collaborates to design and create a personalized rehabilitation or environmental modification plan for our clients, targeting to promote functional independence effectively and to enhance their quality of life.

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