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Wheelchair Users’ Association – Tai Chi Qigong Health Talk

On 24th November 2023, Our Wheelchair Users’ Association organized a Tai Chi Qigong Health Talk at Rehabaid Centre. We are honored to have Tai Chi Qigong master, Mr. Ken Chui and Ms. Cala Lee from Canada, as our speaker. 

Mr. Ken Chui and Ms. Cala Lee are experienced Tai Chi coaches in the Hong Kong Guoshu Association, passionate about teaching and promoting Tai Chi. This event was especially designed for wheelchair users. A series of exercise and massage techniques were demonstrated in the class, such that participants can continue their Tai Chi exercise at home. 

The former Honorary President of Rehabaid Society, Mr. Anson Or, also participated in this event, giving out presents and refreshments to participants while interacting with them. 

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