Mr. Anson Or Yiu Wah
Mr. Anson Or Yiu Wah Honorary President

I have always appreciated Rehebaid Society for their dedication and professionalism in serving people with disabilities and special needs. Over the years, the scope of the society’s services has extended to cover different aspects of life, helping more people from various backgrounds to enhance their quality of living.

I hereby wish Rehabaid Society every success in continuing to provide much-needed services to the community.

Mr. Anson Or is a merchant; he started his career working at a foreign trading company, and later opened his own business in shipping, aviation material supply, etc. He has been a member of the International Shipping Federation and a non-executive director of listed companies. 

Mr. Or has been actively participating in community services, including activities of the Leo Clubs of Braemar Hill and North District. He currently serves as the Permanent Honorary President of South China Athletic Association, as well as an Executive Member and the Section Head of the Badminton Section. 

Mr. Or has been keen on charity work in the past two decades. Through the Sin Meng Charity Association in Macau, he took part in various disaster relief and education projects in both Macau and the mainland China. The Association, where Mr. Or serves as the Honorary President, has raised over one hundred millions for its assorted charity projects. 

Mr. Or expects to continue supporting charity work in the future.

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