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Workshops related to COVID-19

People with disabilities (PWDs) who are wheelchair bound often cannot properly expand their chests & lungs and breathe effectively because of poor postural maintenance or physical limitations. In view of the likihood of the impact of the COVID-19 on the respiratory system under the pandemic, we conducled a few workshops addressing the concerns in April, 2022. Through the workshops, the PWDs learned about the basic concepts of chest and lung physiology, breathing training, assistive equipment, and chest percussion techqniue etc. Our physiotherapist led participants to practice chest and lung expansion exercises with proper breathing. Some PWDs have not been engaging in social activities for a long time because of covid.They remarked that they have benefited a lot from the opportunity to participate in the workshops. Everyone seemed very happy and asked questions enthusiastically. We also gave out a set of gifts including rapid test kits, mask etc.

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