Dyslexia programme

Dyslexia is a spectrum of reading difficulties. It is a barrier to literacy learning. Many students, especially when lacking supports, tend to be falling behind in class. Finally, development of self-confidence and self-esteem is affected.


Rehabaid Centre will provide individual assessment to understand the student's underlying difficulties, basing on an initial observation to

the student's literacy performances. Through further clinical observation and use of standardized assessment tools from UK and US, the Centre will identify the learner's specific areas of difficulties. Basing also on the learner's strengths and weaknesses, Rehabaid Centre will design and implement specialist teaching programs for the learner. The Centre may also work with the parents and/or school, to facilitate the student's literacy learning and enhance the learner's reading and spelling functions, and finally promote the student's self-esteem development.


Depending on the need, Rehabaid Centre will provide a detailed assessment report to the school and/or the HKEAA, to recommend extra time allowance and/or other special examination arrangements for the student.

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