Memory and Cognitive Training Service

A service unit under the Rehabaid Society, Rehabaid Centre provides one-stop services for dementia patients and their families, including cognitive function assessment, centre and home-based training, and support services for carers, aiming to mitigate the regression of cognitive functions through early assessment and training, helping patients to live a meaningful life with dignity.

Our unique interdisciplinary team (including: occupational therapist, physiotherapist, architect, clinical psychologist, Chinese medicine practitioner, etc.) provides comprehensive service for clients, including wellness enhancement and environmental modification advisory, to achieve synergetic effect in the rehabilitation process.

Cognitive function assessment service

Occupational therapist can conduct cognitive assessment for client, and provide assessment report to doctor to facilitate early diagnosis.

Centre-based cognitive training

Rehabaid Centre provides individual and small-group cognitive training, including:

  • Reality orientation
  • Reminiscence therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Memory strategies
  • Computer-based cognitive training
  • Physical therapy, etc.

Home-based training

Therapist provides customized training for dementia patients and their families in the home environment, including:

  • Cognitive training
  • Reminiscence therapy – reconstruction of personal memories
  • Restructure of daily life routine
  • Behavioral and emotional management
  • Skills for daily living and community living
  • Caring skills and communication strategies (for carers), etc.

Dementia training kit and rehabilitation equipment loan service

We offer a variety of rehabilitation equipment / aids (e.g. walking frame, wheelchair, transfer belt, bath seat, etc.), as well as cognitive and memory training kits for loan by carers to conduct home-based training for dementia patients.

Environmental design service for dementia

Our architect provides accessible design consultancy service, helping to build a “life-enhancing” space customized to clients’ cognitive needs to improve their body functions and quality of life.

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