Wellness Enhancement Service

Wellness Enhancement Service facilitates people taking charge of their own health and promotes their lifelong wellness through encouraging them to engage in activities for: 

- Better disease prevention and management 
- Minimization of episodic occurrences 
- Fitness promotion. The scope of service includes:  

i. Educational Services
to educate HA staff, patients and the general public (including children, adults, the elderly, and people with disabilities and chronic illnesses) about the concept of wellness and health promotion strategies.  

ii. A Wellness Enhancement Centreto: 
- Provide fitness and functional assessment 
- Give consultation on health promotion strategies 
- Provide follow-up services and re-assessment to monitor their successfulness in adopting health-promoting strategies 
- Organise and conduct health promotion and weight management programmes for overweight children and adults  

iii. A Wellness Resource Corner, which includes:
- An exhibition unit to display home-use health promotion equipment 
- A website on wellness enhancement knowledge and equipment

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