Transport for the Disabled

Hong Kong is committed to providing comprehensive rehabilitation support to people with a disability, chronic illness, the elderly and their family. The aim of the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation is to help re-construct lives in the spirit of the phoenix, which is the emblem of the Society.

The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation

 Hong Kong Society for RehabilitationThe Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation has been serving people with disabilities for over half a decade and is dedicated to providing services to enhance the quality of life of people with disability or chronic illness and older adults. In order to enable people with a disability and the elderly to have easy access to schools, workplaces, function venues and sight-seeing spots, the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation has established the following services:
> Rehabus

Easy-Access Bus 

Resources on Accessible Public Transportation in Hong Kong

> MTR Corporation Ltd 
> Peak Tramways Company, Limited 
> Citybus Limited & New World First Bus Services Limited. 
> Kowloon Motor Bus Co. (1933) Ltd 
> New Lantao Bus Co. (1973) Ltd 
> New World First Ferry Services Ltd 
> The "Star" Ferry Co. Ltd 
> Rehabus - The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation 
> Transport Department

Other Services for Transport

> Cyberable 
> The Hong Kong Red Cross 
> Accessible Hire Car Service 
> HKSR Volunteer Scheme 
> Diamond Cabs
> SynCab
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