EAS provides specialist information and advisory service on the environmental needs for people with special needs – including the physically disabled, the sensory disabled, the mentally ill, the mentally handicapped, and also the elderly. With reference to the Design Manual: Barrier Free Access 2008, we provide the following consultancy services:-

  • Training and seminars
    EAS provides customized training to advise specific groups, including government department, public and commercial organizations, schools etc., on accessibility issues, fire safety measures, and sensitivity training for interacting with people with special needs.

  • Home Assessment
    Provides professional information and consultancy services related to environment design with special emphasis on the design needs of elderly and people with special needs. Home accessibility assessment services is also provided for those in need.

  • Working Environment Assessment
    Provides professional assessment and advice to working environment in old and new premise, regarding their provisions, circulations and operation, assisting employers in providing an inclusive working environment for persons with special needs, helping people with disabilities to integrate into the society. 

  • Access Audit Reports
    EAS provides customized reports for building owners, service providers and other interested organizations. These reports enable property owners / managers to improve the accessibility of their premises through changing services practices, policies and procedures, providing auxiliary aids and services, and overcoming physical barriers. Clients are also advised on prioritization and on the formulation of an implementation plan

  • Specialist Consultation to Projects
    In the planning and design stage of projects such as public infrastructure and transportation, provide specialist and expert consultations to planners, designers, government departments and public service operator to assist and to ensure that all mandatory access requirements are provided according to the current regulations.

  • Other Consultancy Services
    EAS also provides advisory service to hospitals, government departments, voluntary agencies and health care professionals on accessibility issues relating to the existing or future plans, on the implications of providing accessible facilities, and on the design of and operational needs for accessible buildings.

EAS and other Organizations

EAS collaborates with the Hong Kong Institute of Architects in Accessible Design aspects.

The Hong Kong Architectural Service Department made publications on Universal Accessibility, Best Practices and Guidelines and Universal Accessibility for External Areas, Open Spaces and Green Spaces, winning the Hong Kong Institute of Architects 2004 Award in Architectural Research.

The Design Manual – Barrier Free Access 2008 published by the Buildings Department is the definitive volume for Universal Accessibility and is a comprehensive design guide for achieving Accessible Design. As a part of the consultancy committee, the EAS contributed in the establishment of the Design Manual – Barrier Free Access 1997 and its subsequent revisions published by the Buildings Department based on our knowledge to Accessible Design principle and person with special needs.

To facilitate Government-wide collaborated efforts in enhancing the accessibility of Government premises and facilities, the Government has established an Access Co-ordinator and Access Officer Scheme. The EAS is appointed by the Labour and Welfare Bureau to organize training for staff of different government departments, aiming to educate them the principles of Accessible Design and raise their awareness to people with special needs.

Should you have any need for information regarding Accessible Design or wish to use our specialist services, please Contact Us.

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